2 Bedroom Beachfront Residences

From $350K to $429K


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2 Bedroom Condominium

This 2-bedroom condominium features an incredible beachfront double-sized balcony designed for enjoying Guanacaste weather with all of your friends and family.

Some Units Now Available with Private Yards

INTERIOR AREA (Air Conditioned)
87 m²
931 sq. ft.

26 m²

277 sq. ft.

112 m²

1208 sq. ft.

14 m²

154 sq. ft.

5 m²

54 sq. ft.
2 Bedroom Condominium

Residential Amenities

Building Plans

Ground Level
2 Bedroom Condominium
Level 2
2 Bedroom Condominium
Level 3 - 6
2 Bedroom Condominium
Level 7
2 Bedroom Condominium
Interior Gallery
The Interior Gallery is designed to be a representation of the look and feel of the condominiums.

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