3 Bedroom Beachfront Residences

From $412K to $499K


Very Few Corner Units Available

3 Bedroom Condominium
These 3 bedroom condominiums are beautiful corner units allowing widespan beachfront or sunset views from large double balconies designed for enjoying Guanacaste weather with all of your friends and family.
Some Units Now Available with Private Yards
INTERIOR AREA (Air Conditioned)

111 m²

1193 sq. ft.

26 m²

282 sq. ft.

137 m²

1474 sq. ft.

14 m²

154 sq. ft.
5 m²
54 sq. ft.
3 Bedroom Condominium

Residential Amenities

Building Plans

Ground Level
3 Bedroom Condominium
Level 2
3 Bedroom Condominium
Level 3 - 6
3 Bedroom Condominium
Level 7
3 Bedroom Condominium
Interior Gallery
The Interior Gallery is designed to be a representation of the look and feel of the condominiums.

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