Eco Canyon and Park
Dive Into a New Adventure!

Hike and climb through our canyon and discover beautiful waterfalls, cascades, ancient petroglyphs, birds, and remarkable wildlife.

Adventure, Eco Canyon and Park
Adventure, Eco Canyon and Park

Explore our 2.5 mile Canyon with its rivers and waterfalls. Be one of the first visitors to discover hidden ancient petroglyphs left behind by an unknown indigenous culture over 2500 years ago.

Hike, bike, ATV and horseback through over 19 miles of lush green jungle trails. White face and howler monkeys may appear to say hello, you will look a large variety of beautiful birds, and extraordinary wildlife.

Preservation of Ancient Culture, Wildlife, and our Environment

We are working with biologists to preserve the flora and fauna throughout our eco-park and canyon. Geologists from top universities in Europe are working to chronicle and study the pre-columbian ancient petroglyphs found throughout the property.